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Documents to Go, a mini-Office in your pocket with iPod touch and iPhone

The currently available version of Documents to Go for iPhone / touch still 1.0: the developer DataViz offers at the affordable price of 3.99 euros a complete and versatile solution to manage, create, edit and also synchronize Word documents directly from iPhone and touch. Documents to Go can be purchased in two different versions: the one from 3.99 euros for users who do not need to work with attachments and emails via Microsoft Exchange, finally the more expensive version from 7.99 euros that allows you to edit email attachments and to send them back through Microsoft Exchange email servers.

Macitynet has tried the version from 3.99 euros: we can immediately say that, despite the available functions are not yet complete, Documents to Go is a powerful and versatile tool for managing Office documents in general and Word in particular. As for Word files, the program allows you to work without problems with documents created with Word 2007 and 2008, including the docx files of the latest version of Office for Mac. No other application available on the App Store today offers the incredible amount of tools available within Documents to Go to create or edit Word files from scratch. Practically all the main tools for editing the font, paragraph and all the Word Office tools that users most use on the computer are also available on iPhone and touch thanks to DataViz. First of all, the appearance of the document faithfully respects the original of the computer once displayed on the paperback screen. The user can work in horizontal and vertical mode, it is also possible to insert words or entire paragraphs with bold, underlined, italics, change the color of the letters or underline by choosing the desired color. As users who use Microsoft Word on PC and Mac for work expect, even in Documents to Go it is possible to format the text by choosing the alignment of paragraphs, create bullet or numbered lists, and finally use the word count function. We still remember the possibility to cancel and restore the entries, the word search function within the text complete with function for automatic replacement and so on.

Here it is impossible to list all the Word functions also supported by Documents to Go for iPhone / touch: what is important to underline that despite the significantly smaller size of the work area, the user finds himself working in a familiar environment, organized according to perfection, in which you will not struggle to find all the main tools to work even on the move. For other documents created with the Microsoft Office suite, both Mac and PC, Documents to Go allows you to store them on the paperback, open them and consult them but without the possibility of modifying them. This applies to Excel spreadsheets (from 1997 to 2008 for xsl and newer xlsx documents), for PowerPoint presentations (from 97 to 2008 for ppt and pptx) and also for documents created with Apple iWork but only in versions 2005 and 2006, while the latest release of 2009 not yet supported. It is worth mentioning that in addition to Office documents, the visualization is also supported for PDF files, html and htm web pages, as well as for all the main image files: bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, svg and png.

Two-way synchronization between computer and pocketTo fully use the Documents to Go functions on iPhone and touch, users are invited to download the free Documents to Go Desktop program available for Mac and PC: the web address from which to download the software is communicated by DataViz via email. The combination of Documents to Go on the paperback and our computer is accomplished in seconds in three simple steps when the computer and iPhone / touch are connected to the same local wireless network. The pairing must be completed only once, after which we always have a valid tool available that not only allows you to transfer all the desired documents to the pocket memory but also to keep the documents constantly synchronized between the computer and iPhone / touch. On the Mac desktop we have a new My DocsToGo link available: just drag the files we want to keep synchronized above. From now on, regardless of whether a change has been made via Word on Mac or via Documents to Go on iPhone and touch, we are sure to work on the latest and most updated version of the file.

ConclusionsEven if the current version of Documents to Go for iPhone and touch offers complete operations only for Word, while for Excel and PowerPoint only the visualization is available, the purchase is practically mandatory for users who for work or leisure always want to have relevant documents at hand. In the case of Word files, the mobile productivity offered by DataViz on iPhone / touch is complete and could not be better. Within the application we find practically all the main Word tools for text management, also the synchronization and communication with the computer function further increases the usefulness of the solution. We can create a document with Word on Mac and, before leaving the computer, synchronize everything with a click of the mouse, after which we can edit and continue working the original file directly from the iPhone and touch. The same thing is possible when we create new Word documents from scratch directly from our pocket and, after synchronizing once we are back at home or in the office, continue to work from the computer at the exact point where we stopped on the iPhone or touch.

For users who work mainly with PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets, the absence of the functions of editing and creating files from paperbacks could push to postpone the purchase. In the App Store window, the developer promises the update with the creation and modification functions for Excel for a future version of the software: the update will be free for those who have already purchased Documents to Go. It is impossible to predict when DataViz will complete its productivity suite on iPhone and touch but it is probable that when this occurs the cost of the program on the App Store could undergo significant increases.

Versions and pricesDocuments to Go without support for Microsoft Exchange attachments offered at a price of 3.99 euros starting from this App Store page, while the version with support for sharing and forwarding Microsoft Exchange attachments costs 7.99 euros and can be purchased from this link.