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Do you use Instagram a lot? Here are 5 must-see apps for Android and iPhone


Here are the top 5 programs to use to make the most of Instagram and make spectacular and unique photos

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Think what you want of Instagram, but definitely this social network has become one of the main tools for sharing photos online and on the web. While Facebook is less and less used to share their photos, an increasing number of users are using Instagram to upload photos and images to the web. And the more innovative and particular the images, the more they are appreciated by users and consequently the number of followers and appreciation increases.

If you also often use Instagram to share your photos on the web with friends, relatives and acquaintances, today I mark you 5 beautiful and very useful programs that allow you to create truly unique photos to upload and share on Instagram. Thanks to these 5 programs, available for both Android and iPhone, you can create truly stunning images ready to be shared and loved by Instagram users. They are very simple to use, very intuitive programs, which in a few clicks allow you to make truly enviable shots.

Unfortunately, the official Instagram application for Android and iPhone does not offer advanced features for photo editing, that's why I searched and identified on the web 5 beautiful programs to be exploited to the maximum to upload exceptional photos to Instagram. So let's find out together what these are 5 recommended programs to personalize your photos before uploading them to Instagram. Your friends will be amazed, I assure you

1. Overgram

Available only for iPhone, this program very similar to Over and allows you to add very elaborate text to your images and photos. Unlike Over, however, this program optimized for Instagram and therefore supports photos with a 1: 1 ratio (square). Very simple to use, to enter the customized text you have to use the wheel that appears on the display: you just have to move it to select the text to add to the image; you can customize font and size and then you are ready to share everything on Instagram.


The app offers a wide selection of fonts: it will be impossible not to find the one that suits your needs. The app is free, but many fonts are only available for a fee. In addition, the free version prints a watermark on the photos taken, also removable in this case with in-app purchases.

2. InstaPlace

InstaWeather and InstaplaceInstaPlace

InstaPlace (iPhone, Android) integrates best with the GPS of your smartphone: geolocate the photos (if you take them live) or extrapolate the position from the EXIF ​​data of the photos to add information on the location where the images were taken. It is similar to the previous program, only that instead of personalized texts you will insert and print the location in which they were taken on your Instagram photos. The really nice final effect and you can let everyone know where you were when you took a certain photo!

3. InstaWeather

InstaWeather (iPhone, Android) almost identical to the previous program, but in this case it adds weather information to your photo.


Interesting the possibility to add comments on the local weather or to change the basic theme. Free themes and paid themes are available to make your photos truly unique before uploading them to Instagram.

Both this program and the previous one allow you to personalize your photos and share them anywhere, not just on Instagram.

4. InstaQuote

InstaQuote (iPhone, Android) allows you to insert famous quotes on your photos. Select a font, type the text and if you want you can also enter the credits to the author of the quote. The program offers free themes, but additional themes are available for a fee.


The program is very nice and well done and allows you to add text and quotes to your photos before uploading them to Instagram. Interesting is the possibility of using any of your photos as a base or background to create quotes. A perfect app to share photos on Instagram, it will bring you a lot of Likes!

5. Fuzel

Fuzel (iPhone) a very rich app that allows you to create photo collages to share on Instagram (but not only). You just have to choose your photos, select a template among the many available, add text (if you want) and save everything to share it on the fly on Instagram. The final effect will be spectacular and your photos will certainly be much appreciated on the web. Interesting is the possibility to create animated collages and transform your photos into a sort of short video with animated transitions: beautiful!


Well, I'd say everything.

We have seen together 5 beautiful applications for Android and iPhone that allow you to improve your photos on Instagram and to create beautiful shots to share on the web. Obviously there are many other similar apps available both on the Android Play Store and on the Apple App Store, so if you want you can tell us the apps you use most often to share your tools with other users!

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