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Digital solidarity: 3CX extends free e-learning for schools

3CX joins and expands digital solidarity by offering its solutions to Italian schools for free

3CX extends digital solidarity now up to 100 students and teachers can connect to a virtual classroom. 3CX has announced the addition of a free offer of its own product for all schools, to coincide with the new commercial offer for the Covid-19 emergency that was released last week.

As educational institutions around the world were forced to close as a result of the epidemic, teachers found it difficult to find ways to connect with pupils and parents. The free license, which is part of the Pro edition of the 3CX communication package, includes up to 100 participants in the web conferences completely free, for one year. The company hopes that this offer is sufficient for schools and universities to be able to obtain a better level. of continuity for the training of their students during the closing period.The Coronavirus epidemic will have an immeasurable impact on schools and universities, in many cases delaying the time of exams, degrees and delaying the progression of education and development some children. We believe that, with the right tools, schools can minimize the negative consequences of arrest and continue teaching distance students. We are expanding our offer with the hope of being able to help schools, teachers, students and parents during this crisis. – Stefan Walther, CEO, 3CX Functionality for cooperating in interactive lessons The web conferencing function, 3CX WebMeeting, allows students and teachers to face each other in an online classroom. Not only can they participate in discussions, but they can also take advantage of collaborative features such as the whiteboard, surveys and screen sharing, for a more interactive experience. In addition, the free Pro solution includes smartphone apps and a web application to make and receive calls, chat and more, allowing teachers and school administrators to keep in touch with each other and with parents. Schools and universities can also use the 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin for websites, so that parents can communicate easily and for free.

3CX WebMeeting digital solidarity