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Develops part Mac: the space for Italian developers on MacityNet

Develops part Mac: the space for Italian developers on MacityNet – logomacitynet1200wide 1

How does DevelaMac work? It is a new MacityNet channel that reports software houses and Italian developers and translators, with summary information on the software produced, on the programming techniques used and on the development capabilities in the various environments. area of ​​our forum where the developer and readers can meet to give advice and suggestions, report bugs and updates: all this while keeping as constant reference not so much our pages as those of the developer himself.

Those who want to join the initiative are sent a program for the simplified compilation of the form that can be sent back when the developer has to communicate updates of a certain importance.

If you are a developer with tools such as Basic, Pascal, C ++, Cocoa etc., or you have also created interesting applications with Filemaker or 4Dimensions or similar programs, we are at your disposal to give space to your creativity, to let readers know your work and your skills and give space to the many applications made in our country.

Write to us for the card compilation software: you will see the result day after day on this page.

The first of the series is Jaw Software which has also created the application that we will send you if you want to participate in the initiative.

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