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D-Link DCS – 2530L, the Wide Eye camera for 180 degree shooting

D-Link expands its portfolio of solutions for home and office security with the addition of a new device to its Wide Eye range: the 180-degree Wide Eye panoramic camera DCS2530L. This new model confirms the manufacturer's commitment to providing economic surveillance devices that allow you to monitor your home or office day and night, wherever the user is. In the specific case, a single video camera is sufficient to have a complete view of the room, without pan and tilt, thanks to the 180 degree shooting.

DCS2530L then integrates an LED that helps to find the best positioning based on the intensity of the wireless signal: once positioned, the horizon-wide 180 lens allows you to easily shoot an entire room, from wall to wall up to 5 meters away without distortion and high definition (1080p).

The video camera can also be installed in the most hidden corners or easily attached to the ceiling: with integrated functions, including infrared vision and the detection of noise and movements, it is also possible to keep the house under control anytime, anywhere, thanks to the mydilink application for smartphones and tablets. It can also be programmed to start recording in case of suspicious movements or noises and equipped with a slot for inserting the microSD card to save video recordings directly in the video camera, eliminating the need to have a computer connected to it.

D-Link DCS2530L on sale in stores for 199.90 euros. It is also available on Amazon for 162.85 euros.