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Castle of Magic: console-style platform game for iPhone / touch

In the substantial Gameloft catalog, in terms of quantity and quality, Castle of Magic one of the latest arrivals and not being connected to cinematographic films or necklaces of famous games risks passing a little unnoticed. Such a pity. For those who love the genre of platform games in pure console style and full of action it is worth taking a look at the title: first of all also available in a free lite version, secondly it is one of the best platforms available for the paperbacks of the Apple.

Starting from the fundamental premise of any platform from Donkey Kong onwards, namely the kidnapping of the beauty on duty, ours must proceed between different levels mostly visualized in 2D with a graphics cured in detail, colorful and rich in details. To embellish the visual experience, the developers have sprinkled the title of 3D intermission screens but also enlargements, rotations, changes of lightning framing all within the game that project into a true three-dimensional world. Even players who are more used to the genre and who have not even missed a platform game on the main consoles, will not be able to appreciate the excellent creation of Castle of Magic.

As in the best console titles, in addition to the impeccable scenarios, there are numerous secret passages, more or less hidden corners that only the most skilled and obstinate players will be able to open and reach. In the first games, the virtual joyopad reproduced at the bottom left of the iPhone and touch screen requires a little practice: especially in the first jumps, the most will notice a level of precision lower than expected, particularly in the most delicate situations and moves. By investing a little time, however, it is possible to overcome this defect that cannot be attributed to the game as much as to the essence of real buttons on the iPhone and touch. The writer managed to get around the problem with the prolonged jump: by keeping the button pressed, in fact, the protagonist inflates the cloak of an expert magician, prolonging the duration of the jumps. In this way, when we are still floating in the air, it is easier to direct and target the landing area better.

Collection of diamonds, numerous enhancements that allow us to use different spells and weapons, spectacular and resistant end-of-level bosses, the possibility of transforming into 6 characters with different looks and qualities. Castle of Magic puts to good use not only the graphics and calculation potential of the iPhone / touch but also the accelerometer to slide entire rows of diamonds towards us to collect them in a breath. Ultimately it is a fun and even spectacular platform game: we are sure that if it were available for the Nintendo and Sony pocket consoles it would receive flattering reviews. For iPhones and touches, the only one is that of the precision of the controls, a problem that can be largely avoided as we have seen, but which depends only in part on the game and more on the absence of physical buttons. Taking also into consideration this single defect, which is not negligible for a platform game, we can only recommend Castle of Magic to fans but also to players looking for a fresh and long-lasting action title. It is practically excluded that we will regret the shopping: โ‚ฌ 3.99 on the App Store to carry in your pocket a game that for quality, fun and depth has nothing to envy to the 30/40 and more euro titles for a traditional pocket console. From player to player, a bargain.