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Ati launches the Radeon 8500 for Mac

Ati launches the Radeon 8500 for Mac – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Ati announced yesterday that it has started marketing the Radeon 8500 card for Mac on the US market.The 3D accelerator, according to many sites and experts in the sector, with 2.4 gigatexels per second at full resolution, today the most powerful among those available on the market in the after-sales version and capable of projecting the machines on which it is used well beyond the speeds allowed by the standard chips, whether they are ATI itself or Nvidia.The Radeon 8500, fully compatible with OpenGL, supports all the latest ATI technologies, including Truform, Pixeltapestry II, Smartshader, Smothvision, Charisma Engine. The maximum possible resolution 2048 × 1536; supports dual monitors, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. In Italy it will arrive in a few weeks through Turnover at a price of 350 euros plus VAT. In Italy the Radeon 7000 is already available through Turnover (32MB, PCI with 2048X1536 resolution) At the price of 190 euros.

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