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Apple's protection of forests paves the way for other companies

Apple's protection of forests paves the way for other companies –

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Apple's collaboration with the Conservation Fund for the protection of over 14,500 hectares of forest in the eastern United States has allowed us to collect more than 13,000 tons of wood in a sustainable way, only the beginning of what will hopefully become a trend. Mary Watzin, head of North Carolina State University's College of Natural Resources, explains this to Triangle Business Journal.

The Cupertino multinational has long started a collaboration with the non-profit organization The Conservation Fund to protect and protect forests in a sustainable way. The goal is to reduce and optimize paper consumption, to procure from sustainably managed forests or from controlled sources of timber. Watzin explains that North Carolina, with its rich forest resources, offers many partnership opportunities in the field of forestry. "More and more landowners are looking for ways to manage forests with sustainability plans because many companies are demanding that the material they provide comes from sustainable sources." "Their customers want the manufacturing companies to be committed to selling products marketed in packages that come from a sustainable market."

Last year, the Hofmann Forest of the North Carolina State University signed an agreement with the Natural Resources Foundation to ensure the sustainability of the territories and contribute to the annual revenue of the College of Natural Resources by offering the Resource Management Service the rights to grow, explant and transplant timber trees on more than 54,000 acres of forest area. The target is companies looking for sustainable timber. Apple has gone one step further by purchasing and protecting sustainable forests.

Kathy Abusow, president and CEO of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative in Washington D.C. explains that Apple's investment in forests is a unique and unusual move. Normally companies purchase virgin paper from third parties used from certified sources or ask suppliers to obtain supplies from sustainably managed forests or from controlled timber sources. Apple's initiative the start of an interesting trend from the point of view of the environmental impact, an example which, hopefully, will be followed by other companies, as already happened for Cupertino with the use of energy from renewable sources and a cycle of life of low environmental impact products.

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