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Apple Watch with plastic case? Could be cheaper | patent

A Apple Watch of the future could be cheaper to produce. A patent filed in the USA explores the possibility of making one plastic case, but reinforced with ceramic fibers – which is clearly very different from the actual ceramic, a material which is also used in some variants and editions of the Apple smartwatch.

In addition to costs, another important advantage compared to the materials used so far – mainly aluminum and stainless steel – would be the elimination of electromagnetic shielding, which would guarantee a best reception at the Apple Watch.

The ceramic fibers would be an internal layer of the case, not visible from the outside, but capable of increasing the overall strength of the component. A similarity to the concept of reinforced concrete, if it helps you visualize the idea. The patent does not provide many other noteworthy details – or rather: it elaborates in depth on what materials could be used in conjunction with the ceramic fibers and how it could be assembled.

It remains to be seen whether the device will actually be produced: we know that giants of the caliber of Apple patent dozens of ideas a week, but their realization is not at all obvious.