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Apple to 'web_city' in the name of digital life

Apple to 'web_city' in the name of digital life – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The event, conceived and organized by ArtPort, Factory for New Urban Style, with the collaboration of the Tuscany Region, the Province and the Councilorship for Culture of the Municipality of Florence, created at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence a path linked to artistic expressions and creative languages, the result of the relationship between the real world and the virtual world, image and reality Apple, attentive to all that innovation and technological avant-garde, present with the newest iMacs, expression and center of digital culture. With its characteristics of brightness and sharpness, the new iMac is proposed within the interactive web_city gallery as a quick and easy path to the world of the Internet, thanks to the support of Apple's AirPort wireless networking solution.

Designed with a 15-inch LCD flat screen suspended in midair, the new iMac is now proposed as the definitive 'digital hub', or the center of the digital lifestyle. On the occasion of web_city, Apple will also introduce simplicity and ease of use of the iPod, which now boasts a 10GB hard drive, to allow users to always carry over 2000 songs with CD quality audio, and the iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto and iDVD software: real vehicles rendered available from Apple for a journey into digital life.

For more information on web_city you can consult the website:

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