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Apple to help Sun

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Sun would be considering the possibility of including some portions of code written by Apple to improve the speed of its Java machine.The news, which emerged in the context of JavaOne, the Java developer conference, has been confirmed by some Sun representatives who also have reiterated that the motivation would be in the efficiency of the code implemented by Cupertino to make applications written in Java usable on Mac OS. "Apple – said Kenneth Tallman, one of Sun's representatives – gave us a portion of their code relating to resource sharing area. We are examining it and if it proves useful to improve the performance of our Java Virtual machine, we will incorporate it "According to Apple's Java manager, Alan Denison, the code in question should improve the speed of loading and the use of memory. The good results are in the speed with which Java applications load on Mac OS X. Some technical details and a small insight on the innovations introduced by Apple are in an article of Infoworld

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