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Apple supplier report: 98% respect working hours, reduced polluting emissions

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Apple has published the Supplier Responsibility report 2017, an annual document which summarizes all data relating to compliance with the rules of work, safety and environmental compatibility of all suppliers in the Cupertino production chain, from the collection of raw materials to assembly the final. It is a document that lists in detail the actions taken to guarantee workers' rights by promoting respect for working hours, limiting excessive overtime, the fight against captive and child labor. The report also contains an overview of the efforts made to protect the environment, including the use of non-harmful chemicals, the conservation of natural resources, the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable energies.

In the 2017 report, therefore on data and inspections carried out in 2016, important progress regarding the observance of working hours is highlighted, highlighting the success of the Supplier Education Program, a program designed to ensure that those who work in the supply chain are treated fairly and fairly. Apple has long been committed to eliminating and cases of tied or child labor and excessively prolonged hours, also verifying that raw materials are obtained in a sustainable way.

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Apple performed 705 audits (controls that allow you to evaluate structures based on over 500 parameters of an Internal Code of Conduct) establishing compliance of a maximum of 60 working hours per week in 98% of cases, an increase compared to 97% last year. During the year, Apple has tripled the number of suppliers that are part of the Energy Efficiency program, a program that involves the promotion of stricter environmental standards and the reduction of consumption by encouraging suppliers to power their plants with energy from sources renewable. Thanks to the improvements achieved in 2016, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by over 150,000 tons, "equivalent to taking 31,000 cars off the road for a year".

Apple is increasingly purifying and reusing ever larger volumes of waste water. For this purpose, the Clean Water Program was launched in 2013 to reduce the quantity of fresh water used in the supply chain with expert reports in the field, performance analysis, technical support and training courses that have enabled these structures to save tens of billions of liters of water.

Regarding scenarios from mining regions, Apple explains that it strives for responsible supply, so that the minerals used in its products, for example tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, do not contribute to financing armed conflicts. For the second consecutive year, the percentage of foundries and refineries participating in external auditing programs on the origin of minerals has reached 100%.

Details of the company's long-term commitment to work with its supply chain and industrial groups to manufacture products that do not contain tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold that finance or offer group benefits armed with conflict zones. The report is very extensive and contains details on responsibilities, the Code of Conduct for suppliers, work and human rights, the environment, health and safety: it can be consulted starting from this page.