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Apple ready for Earth Day, tomorrow it tinges with green shops and logos

Apple ready for Earth Day, tomorrow it tinges with green shops and logos – earth day apple store green

As has now been the case for many years, Apple is ready to celebrate Earth Day: even if the party falls on April 22, the multinational company from Cupertino will start to dye the stores of its retail chain all over the world green starting tomorrow, Thursday April 20. Store employees have already been given green shirts that will be worn tomorrow instead of the classic blue T-shirts. Even the logo of the Bitten Apple that stands out in all the Apple Stores will take a note of green: instead of the total and uniform white, the small leaf that has always been part of the Cupertino logo will be illuminated in green.

Celebrated for the first time in 1970, Earth Day was established to celebrate the environment and the protection of the planet, two issues on which Apple has been working on every front for several years now. Numerous sectors and strategies pursued by Apple that range from the reduction of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, starting from the extraction of raw materials, passing through transport, production and for the entire life cycle of Apple products, up to forests with eco-sustainable management, the use of renewable energy sources for all activities, offices and shops, the collection and recycling of end-of-life products and many other activities.

As early as today, Apple will deal with environmental issues and climate change with two speakers, at the new Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco, as Cult of Mac points out: on the stage, in fact, there will be lex vice president of the USA Al Gore and also Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president for environmental policies. In a recent statement, Jackson announced that Apple is now 96% powered by renewable energy sources and that the 100% target is getting closer.

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