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Apple presents iOS 8 and sweeps half the news from Android


With iOS8, once again, Apple introduces many new "stolen" features to Android: here are what they are

Apple presents iOS 8 and covers half of the news from Cydia

Just a few days ago, Apple officially unveiled iOS 8, the new and highly anticipatedoperating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad. We all expected great news, first of all the introduction of a split-screen multitasking system that would finally allow you to use two split-screen applications, at least on iPad. Unfortunately, this has not been the case and iOS 8, while introducing many new features, has not brought that breath of news that we would all have expected.


iOS 8 will only be officially released in September, when the new iPhone 6 will also arrive, but in the meantime anyone who wants to try iOS 8 Beta on iPhone, iPod and iPad can do it following our precious instructions:

As you have certainly seen in our dedicated articles,iOS 8 introduces many new features and improvements compared to iOS 7. Too bad that, once again, all these functions are not really new compared to whatalready seen on Android and Cydia: most of the news of iOS 8, in fact, comes from already existing ideas and projects, which Apple has limited itself to integrating in its OS for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Indeed, we saw yesterday what features Apple copied from Cydia to iOS 8 |Apple presents iOS 8 and covers half of the news from Cydia. Today, however, let's see together which functions of iOS 8 that have been discovered by Android.The list is long enough

Additional keyboards

On Android for years now users can use alternative keyboards and also the swipe function, introduced a year ago also by Google in its original keyboard. The alternative keyboards available for Android are certainly very advanced, in some cases much more precise and faster than those stocks in Android, which have been downloaded by millions of users all over the world. All these keyboards will also arrive shortly on iOS. The substantial difference between the two platforms for, will be that while in Android the keyboard is completely replaced (and can therefore also be used in system applications), apparently in the new version of the Apple OS the developers will have the possibility to integrate a keyboard alternative exclusively in Apps, while in system applications such as Safari, Messages etc. we will continue to use the standard iOS keyboard.


Widgets have been available on Android for years, practically since the operating system was invented. Unlike what happens on Android, where widgets are added to the desktop of the main OS screen, in iOS 8 the new interactive elements will be displayed in the Notification Center or in the lock screen.

Sharing content between applications

The ability to communicate installed applications and share a series of data and functionality has always been a strength of Android and the Achilles heel of iOS. With Apple's new operating system, things will change radically. In addition to the possibility of sharing data and functionality, the applications that will be installed in iOS 8 will be able to define a series of actions that will make it possible to combine a series of data between two applications: for example, Google Translate will be able to translate and display the text contained in another application, all in real time. On Android, this feature has existed for years.

Optimized file management

With iOS 8 it will be much easier to work on a single file, with multiple applications, without creating unwanted copies. Applications like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. they can define themselves as Storage Providers, so as to be accessible by all the applications that need to use the internal storage of the device, such as Office, iWork and so on.

Interactive notifications

Also in iOS it will be possible to interact directly with the notifications relating to the installed applications thanks to interactive notifications: for example, you can reply to a message directly via the notification bar, in which it will be possible to write a text and even record a voice message.

Hey, Siri

With the new versions of Android, it has long been possible to start the voice assistant of the operating system with your voice, saying the phrase Ok, Google, unfortunately for this is a feature available exclusively for devices in English. With iOS 8 Apple will give the possibility to start Siri in a practically identical way, by saying the phrase Hey, Siri.

Smart search

With the new iOS 8 Spotlight it will be practically possible to swipe from top to bottom and, by typing a search key, the operating system will display the results from both online content and from content of applications and files stored on the device, just like on Android.

Demo video in the App Store

Just as it has been happening for some time in the Android Play Store, also in the new version of the App Store, developers will have the opportunity to publish demonstration videos for their applications. Very helpful.

Analytics for applications in the App Store

Google has long made available to developers a series of analytical data and statistics with which it is possible to understand the ways in which users become aware of a particular app, the geographic location of downloads and real-time earnings percentages. Features that will also be introduced in iOS 8.

Extended beta testing for apps

Googleda has made beta distribution available directly through the Play Store, from which the various betatesters have the possibility to download the applications before the official publication. Now also Apple has made this possibility available also in the new operating system.

In short, as easy to notice,with iOS 8 many functions of iOS 8were also filmed by Android. Clearly the news of iOS 8 are also others, but to note that many of the new features come from Cydia and Android certainly makes you think.

If I have to be honest, however, this iOS 8 really convinces me: in practice it goes to fill almost all the gaps that I had found in iOS 7 and I'm seriously thinking of returning to Apple. However, I will decide in September, when iPhone 6 will be released, since the iPhone 5S battery lasts really too little to think of abandoning my Note 3.

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