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Apple on the hunt for success stories with the Mac

Apple on the hunt for success stories with the Mac – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has launched in recent days also in Italy "Apple Solution Experts" a program reserved for retailers, consultants and trainers, which provides participants with resources and information that can contribute to the success of their commercial activities. By joining the program all those who base their commercial initiatives on the Apple platform will have the opportunity to appear on Cupertino's online resources, advertise on their website the seminars promoted within Apple, participate in sector events and fairs.Apple in addition to this also provides access to reviews sponsored to the company, User Group meetings, purchase of products at favorable prices and promotional material. In short, those who enter the Apple Solution Experts program, get a favorable treatment from Cupertino with access to all those initiatives that allow you to strengthen your Mac-based business and Apple solutions and to have a competitive advantage over competitors and greater appeal to customers. To join the program, you must complete an online form. A PDF with the details of the initiative that can be downloaded from the page that already presents some success stories that are based on the flexibility and power of the Mac

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