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Apple, Google and Microsoft united to fight Trump's "environmental war"

Apple, Google and Microsoft have partnered with other companies, which also operate in sectors other than IT and technology, to combat the dismantling of the rules wanted by Barack Obama in defense of the climate Trump is preparing for. The companies confirmed their commitments with the plan in defense of the environment wanted by Barack Obama (partly inspired by Californian laws) relating to the reduction of energy expenditure, reiterating the desire to put pressure on the eco-activism front and to counteract the "Ecological war" announced by the current US President.

"Many large US companies recognize the problems of climate change as real," Geoffrey M. Heal, professor at Columbia Business School, told Bloomberg; "They need to move forward on climate change issues, regardless of what Trump plans to do."

"We believe that strong policies on clean energy and climate, such as the Clean Power Plan" (the ceiling on industrial CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels imposed by the previous administration, ed) – can be read in a joint declaration – can make the supply of renewable energies more solid and allow to face the serious threat of climate change, while supporting American competitiveness, innovation and job growth ".

In a letter to EPA director Scott Pruitt, the environmental protection agency, Jerry Brown, the governor of California (a state that has very state-of-the-art climate laws), openly sided against President Trump's unconscious gift to those who pollute ", warning that his state will do" everything possible to preserve current standards, protect the health of its population and the stability of the climate ".

Brown pointed the finger at the auto manufacturers' lobby, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, for suing the EPA and blocking the standards Obama wanted. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also criticized the President's executive order: "Whatever happens in Washington, we will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and to get to a transportation system. zero emissions ".

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