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Apple continues to think of MacBook and iMac with Face ID: new patent

Apple has been considering the possibility of wearing the Face ID also on iMac and MacBook, as we saw in August, however it seems that we should wait a little longer before seeing a commercial version.

The Cupertino house is always exploring new solutions and a new patent filed in September and made public today, in which some of the main problems concerning this technology are addressed, suggests us. Apple has released some diagrams showing where i could be located sensors related to Face ID, however also pointed out that their implementation can be problematicespecially on laptops.

The reason for this lies in the extremely limited space (in terms of depth) available for the integration of the sensors in the upper part of the screen. Apple, in fact, underlines how it is necessary to use a high-quality hardware that does not compromise on reliability. In short, it must be compact (more than what is present on the iPhone), but it must not offer performance at least comparable to systems already on the market.

Among the various sketches also emerges that of an iMac with Face ID and even a notch; hard to believe that Apple intends to take this path seriously, even considering the work done on latest iPad Pro (and on 2018 models) to integrate the whole TrueDepth Camera inside the tablet frames.

Obviously, patents do not allow us to know when a certain function can be implemented on a commercial product, but they merely show us the paths taken by companies. It will still take some time before we can actually talk about a MacBook equipped with Face ID.