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Apple AR: from iOS 14 some details emerge on the prototype used for the tests

Apple is testing its AR devices with an internal system that could look like some sort of HTC Vive. Clues to the equipment have emerged from the now usual iOS 14 preview build that has been circulating for a few days now thanks to MacRumors colleagues.

The reference to Taiwanese society is no accident: second Bloomberg, in the early stages of the large augmented reality project (we talk about the 2017-2018) Apple used real Vives to test the software. A photo of the Apple prototype controller (which always emerged poking through the files of the iOS 14 build) shows clear similarities with that of Vive Focus.

Apparently, also for development purposes, Apple is also testing a video game: a geolocated bowling, we could call it, where the track to play is made up of the sidewalks of the real world roads. It only activates in a specific area of ??California, a few steps away from the Apple office called Mathilda 3, in Sunnyvale, which is located more or less halfway between Cupertino and Mountain View. It could be right there that the AR project is being carried out.

Tim Cook has publicly expressed several times the opinion that augmented / virtual / mixed reality is a potential next big thing. According to rumors, several Apple branded products may arrive in the next two years.