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Analysts, the increase in the iMac negative signal

Analysts, the rise of the iMac negative signal – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The financial market has not enthusiastically welcomed the news of the rise in iMac prices. The leap forward of 100 dollars (up to 150 euros for Europe) was in fact intended as a sign of difficulty for Cupertino. In fact, the price increases after the release are a real rarity in the IT sector; choosing to do so means, according to most analysts, not being faced with other alternatives and confronting profit margins on that same product now incompatible with all the balance sheet data. This was read during the day yesterday and in the night in numerous articles and comments full of opinions of observers, even prestigious, of the sector and in fact the impression that Apple could not do otherwise. On the other hand, Schiller and Jobs said it clearly yesterday; the price of the Ram tripled compared to the costs at the time of the launch and the increase in the displays in the order of 25% left no other choice.

Now it remains to be seen whether the increase will be able to have effects on the balance sheet in the few days that remain between now and the end of the quarter. According to Daniel Kunstler of J.P. Morgan there is little chance that we will witness a radical turnaround enough to have lowered the target profit from 11 to 6 cents per share. "Apple" says in a document sent to its Kunstler customers "has worked properly to try to protect its margins but the profits on the new machines at the end of the quarter will prove to be almost zero." Kunstler also lowered the revenue threshold from $ 1.45 billion to $ 1.35 billion. Slightly more optimistic than Richard Chu of S.G. Cowen. According to Chu, Apple may have been able to recover what it has lost in the higher costs of iMacs, saving in other sectors by making the accounts come back. Chu does not rule out 2 or 3 cents less profit per share than the 10 budgeted.

Another additional factor of concern for analysts was Apple's inability, at least for the weeks of late January and February, to deliver an adequate number of iMacs. Some of them assumed the balance sheet figures for the quarter on deliveries of over 200,000 machines. Now no one thinks that Apple will have been able to put more than 150,000 in the hands of customers, even this could lead to a cut in profits.

These fears had an immediate impact on the Wall Street list. On a positive day for the technology indices, Apple suffered a 2.61% drop after hitting a drop of more than 5% during the day

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