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Amazon closes Delicious Library

Amazon changes the rules of the contract that allows its customers to take advantage of S3, the cloud computing service, that is, hosting and computing power via the Internet. Basically, the borrowed server that thousands of small developers use. Like the Delicious Monster virtual library.

The paid service for Mac and iPhone allows you to create and organize your own library of films and books on your digital device. In practice, reorganize all data using Amazon's online service as a "base" to offer synchronization and coordination of the various databases. A classic example of web 2.0 cloud computing mash-up. That from today no longer possible.

In fact, it turns out that Amazon has decided to pull the plug on all developers, including Delicious Monster, who develop applications for the mobile world. Where evidently the Seattle giant has every intention of moving and rather quickly. The effects on Delicious Library are negative: the small developer forced to withdraw his application from the market or find another service since there is no longer the Internet service behind the front-end of the application.

Amazon also made a similar move two years ago against web startups, which used its services to resell products, rather than as end consumers. Bandwidth problems, excessive consumption of the then scarce resources, but also the strategy of seeing what to do further than S3. Now, the problem arises again with the mobile part of the network.