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After the 23 ′ cinema display also a new 17 ′ model?

After the 23 'cinema display also a new 17' model? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The arrival of the 23-inch monitor was one of the novelties of the Macworld Expo in Tokyo. It cannot be said that this is an absolute surprise. The "enlargement" of the flagship display of Apple production was in fact expected for a few months. Macity himself had talked about it just before the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.Our article read today leaves room for some interesting new considerations and some predictions about the future.In fact, the display used by Apple in fact the 23W produced by LG.Philips. The screen that has the advantage of being able to use the same chassis on which the previous 22 inches were mounted, was announced in late December with production in sufficient volumes for the industry in late January. Apple is among the first (if not the first) company in the world to use this screen in products for the IT market, confirming that it is looking very far, which is more interesting, however, that the 23W display was announced at the same time as the 17W, one 16: 9 17-inch screen that could be the basis of a product of this type marketed by Apple, at the moment, in fact, Cupertino still has the old 22-inch on the list. The choice not to delete the old monitor probably due to the simple need to eliminate stocks since it makes no sense to keep two models in production, the 22 and 23 models, so similar and with a price gap that makes the first one still very competitive with the latter. There are, therefore, few doubts that Apple will just drop its 22-inch stock from its offer. Its place, at that point, could be taken right from a 17-inch to 16: 9 monitor. At that point the offer of the displays would be very well calibrated: a 15-inch model that caters to the low end of the public, a model from 17 to 16: 9 with a price probably similar to the current one of the 17 and a model from 23 for those who want the top.On paper at that point only a 19 inch is missing, present in the lists of many competitors, a model that Apple could decide to present, perhaps even this in 16: 9 format, when the prices of the larger displays will have accelerated the price reduction already underway in these weeks.

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