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A dock for the iPod and the iMac.

A dock for the iPod and the iMac. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The company that produces it a phantom IMTG and exhibited at the recent Tokyo Macworld an apparatus that should be called "the Button". It brushes the definition of digital hub to this dock that is installed under the circular base of the iMac LCD and which has, in addition to the two USB and two FireWire ports, now shown in the front position, a space to insert the iPod as if it were a cassette to be inserted into the car radio. Inside the slot there is a FireWire port that ensures charging and connections to the There are not many other news about the product, but we are sure that it will generate a lot of echo, at least like some other curious product that could only be born in the country of the Rising Sun: a completely black LCD iMac and a "soundblaster" with the heart of the iPod (also by IMTG), other "Japanese" photos on the Apple website.

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