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3: iPhone will be able to block data roaming on Tim

The operator settings of 3 will block roaming on the iPhone by default. Here is what our site learned directly from the top of the mobile operator.

Since last night – says a company spokesman on our site – we have prepared a new setting that is automatically downloaded, immediately, on all iPhones that have our own card. The settings block data roaming when not under our network; therefore, unless you enable the setting manually, you cannot access the Internet or send and receive emails, when you are not under the network 3 β€³.

The news of paramount importance. 3, as is known, where it does not offer its coverage, it sends customers data roaming on the Tim network. For some terminals it was possible to block roaming, but with iPhone operating on the appropriate switch only foreign data roaming blocking was obtained. If for Vodafone and Tim this is not a problem, because the two operators do not have a roaming agreement in Italy, 3's customers would have found themselves in some trouble. If on the one hand, in fact, there was the risk, perhaps without realizing it, of paying 60 cents per mega for data transferred to the Tim network, on the other it would be, blocking iPhone on 3 by disabling automatic selection (the only system to prevent, without hack, access to roaming) would have been forced to give up even voice access, which also has no roaming supplements and suffer a sort of "persecution" of alarm messages that invite you to restore roaming every time the phone identified a Tim network in the absence of network 3. Alternatively, just as inconvenient, the display would have to be constantly monitored to verify that it was not roaming during a data session.

Now all of this is being swept away. In practice, if you want to access roaming you can do it (obviously for a fee) otherwise you will be disconnected from the data network when not present 3 and still continue to call and send SMS.

β€œAll of this – a spokesman for 3 says to Macity – we do it with the utmost transparency. In order not to affect costs and not to take advantage of customers, we have decided to disable "standard" roaming. If we had wanted to "be smart" we could have enabled it and then left customers the possibility to disable it; with this many people would have paid for what they may or may not want to pay "

But this is not the only good news of the day. 3 confirmed that some changes to the "extra threshold" tariffs have been defined. As anticipated by Macity in recent days, those who will not pay the weekly quantities provided for in the plans will pay a very small amount: just 20 cents per 10 MB, or 2 euros per 100 MB.

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