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We are used to talking periodically about top of the range mobile processors, obviously with rumors that intensify cyclically on the new versions at the end of the year. 2020 has already shown us how the Snapdragon 865 is a truly complete chipset and able to offer not only excellent performance under effort, but also a unique network compartment and excellent autonomy.

Today however, we want to anticipate information on Snapdragon 875, the successor of "the current" Qualcomm high-end proposition that could already debut at the end of December on some smartphones. It would be a "doubling" compared to the classic annual launch and, although at the moment there is very little information, what we can imagine is that the acceleration in development is motivated by business needs from manufacturers.

As we revealed to you last year, the TOP of the 2020 range are expected to be more expensive, 20: 9, 5G and larger due to some physical problems related to the greater number of antennas required for 5G and the increase in capacity batteries to make up for higher consumption.

The S865 chipset is also great, physically wider than the 855 and therefore needs more space inside the motherboard (and has a separate modem). This translates into a flooding or lengthening of the products we use and in 2020 finding a top of the range under 180 grams and less than 6.5 inches is becoming increasingly complicated.

With the new Snapdragon 875, Qualcomm may have managed to significantly decrease the size of the chipset by integrating a series of elements, today external, within a smaller surface. In particular, we are talking about the modem component which, separated on the S865, in the next generation could be integrated within the same SoC thus reducing both size and consumption thanks to a more efficient 5nm production process. Qualcomm is accelerating on the connectivity department, managing to integrate the new system of smaller and more efficient antennas to an even greater compatibility with 5G networks. The current X55 modem represented a huge improvement over the previous X50, and we expect the new X60 (name not sure at the moment) can offer the widest network compatibility and the Full 5G Dual SIM support currently missing or incomplete on the whole series of S865 processors. As far as performance is concerned, at the moment we have no comparison terms; it is clear, however, that it will be "faster, more powerful and with less consumption" of previous generations. With the Snapdragon 875, which will probably be presented between late November and early December 2020 with a possible debut on the market already in December, we could also see a return of smartphones closer to 6 inches thanks to the energy and dimensional optimization compared to the company's current proposal.

Information still to be verified and well in advance but which we still wanted to share pending the first rumors and appearances on the net of the Snapdragon 875 model code.