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Witti Beddi, the alarm clock that interacts with smartphones and smart home at CES2017

It has not only two speakers, a LED display that marks the time, a space to store your phone horizontally during charging and show you the weather and traffic conditions through a dedicated app but also a courtesy light that can be modulated to wake you up gradually and

There are many options of the smarter model than Beddi, built by Witti, a company that makes the mix of lighting and intelligent electronics one of its strengths.

witti beddi

Beddi not only able to work as a medium-small stereo bluetooth speaker but thanks to some special features it wants to make your awakening more comfortable both through a system that simulates the sunrise with 16 million color combinations and gradually illuminates the wall behind the alarm clock itself and its basis both through the modulation of a white background noise (Forest, Ocean, Rain) which avoids abrupt jumps from the bed with loud music or annoying ringtones. Obviously the background noise generator and the light modulation can also help those who have difficulty falling asleep.

For those who want to listen to their favorite music in any case, there is always the possibility to connect to Spotify and choose playlists based on the day of the week, the FM radio or the songs of their smartphone via bluetooth or through the Aux socket.

As for traffic and weather, the included app allows you to integrate with Google Maps and provide (at least in the USA, to be checked whether the option works in Italy) the time needed to get to work with current traffic conditions.

Finally, control of the smart home: thanks to three Beddi programmable buttons that can control lights, sockets and home automation actions with 9 different actions (single click, double click and long click x3) and can be connected to Philips Hue, Wemo, Nest, Lifx and even call Uber, launch Skype.

Compatibility with Siri and Apple Home Kit is also provided: the app accesses the data of your home and works from remote control. Obviously the 3 programmable buttons work for home automation control only in the presence of the iPhone.

Beddi has the possibility to recharge both a smartphone and a smartwatch or a smartphone and a tablet thanks to the two USB sockets. It obviously also has an AUX input. On the top it can accommodate a smartphone with a screen of up to 5.7 also inside the case.

Witti Beddi pre-ordered on the manufacturer's website, available on Amazon UK and should soon arrive on Amazon also in Italy at a price that will be between 100 and 120 Euros. Currently only compatible with iPhone.

For more information, see the manufacturer's website.