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With MoBank, e-commerce runs on the iPhone

E-commerce continues to grow year on year: the habit of buying goods on the Internet has now reached maturity and is becoming increasingly solid, especially in markets such as the United States and England.

Just in the United Kingdom, MoBank, a mobile payment service that can remember the classic Paypal in some ways, is giving confidence to the iPhone and iPod touch, thanks to the development of an application that will allow you to purchase services and goods directly from the two Apple devices .

The two Apple devices have certainly revolutionized the online experience via mobile device, historically sacrificed compared to the counterpart on computers; while in the past mobile e-commerce has never found the squaring of the circle passing through pocket devices (excluding the Japanese market), today the push given by iPhone and touch can be considered decisive.

MoBank therefore decided to target two Cupertino devices, developing an application designed specifically for the mobile experience: it did not limit itself to converting a service from "fixed" to "mobile", but created it specifically for mobility needs.

Through MoBank you can create an account, load a credit card or an ATM and thus use your credentials to buy goods online, but also services such as cinema tickets or for a concert, book a table at the restaurant or order in a fast food.

In addition, in the company's future plans, there will be the introduction of a form of payment with wireless reading: by integrating a particular chip (also contained simply in a sticker to be applied to a device) it will be possible to complete payments simply by passing the device in front of u special reader. The chip will be directly connected to your account, recharged by specific purchase vouchers.

MoBank's project, however, is not limited to iPhone and touch: the company plans to touch Android and BlackBerry first in its roadmap, thus bringing the philosophy of the "bank wherever you go" on as many mobile devices as possible.