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Wireless charger for the iPhone

Wireless charger for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

WildCharger a kit consisting of a sort of mat and a special case that allows the iPhone to be loaded (all models, including the new 3GS) without the need for cable.

The system is somewhat reminiscent of the elegant Touchstone for Palm Pre (the curious magnetic contact charger that works thanks to electromagnetic induction, but works with the classic conductive charges.

When the iPhone is stored inside the special case, just place it on the WildCharger to start charging. In the case there are four tiny contacts able to automatically direct the positive and negative charges regardless of the position and orientation of the smartphone.

The enclosures are short-circuit proof and the pad allows charging of multiple devices simultaneously. The only problem with the special case that it partially covers the port used for charging and updates: not bad for those who use Mobile Me services and update the device via wireless connection, in other cases it will be necessary to remove the case with each update .

The house also manufactures cases for BlackBerry and generic devices. Costs start at $ 35 US for the case and $ 50 for the pad. The iPod cases are already available, for the iPhones, the house accepts pre-orders (the product should be available by July).

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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