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Willow: the smart breast pump that really helps 2.0 moms

Willow is a revolutionary product that will change the lives of many mothers: a breast pump that is much more than a nursery tool, but a real wearable device, intelligent, fast and simple, which avoids all the problems related to the collection of breast milk.

How it is made and how it works

Willow a cup for the collection of milk and together a breast pump, without external tubes, without wires, without bottles for the collection of milk to be sterilized. The cup can be inserted into the bra, follows the movements of the body and can also be worn all day.

Inside the cup, which essentially consists of two elements (the external cup and the flexible breast pump), a bag for the collection of breast milk (BPA free, suitable also to be put in the freezer) is inserted.

Willow must be loaded and then worn: autonomously collect the milk, when necessary when you wear it, and its activity can be monitored with an app.

For a mother this means not having to find a private place and a moment of privacy to deal with the collection of breast milk and have an extra opportunity to offer her baby breast milk even if you have to work, if you have other commitments to home, whether to collect milk manually difficult, if you have other children to look after.

The first true hi-tech solution ever

For a new mother, the word breast pump is synonymous exclusively with a word that should have nothing to do with motherhood: anxiety. Those who by choice or necessity have had to approach the traditional breast pump prototype know very well that there is nothing more uncomfortable, annoying, difficult, embarrassing and tiring than having to use the breast pump and having to do it in particular when you are at work during breaks or at home in the only half hour of sleep that the baby allows himself and gives to his mother. Not to mention those who have to undergo this torture every two or three hours, to favor the milky way, to meet the needs of the premature baby who waits in an incubator, to avoid mastitis or to stock up for when the baby go to the nest or stay with the grandparents.

In short, a problem that is not easy to deal with, which is often the origin of the abandonment of breastfeeding. Until now, a different solution was still proposed compared to straws, pumps, containers and other gadgets that, if it were not for the materials with which they are produced, could be medieval instruments. To help mothers on arrival of the baby, engineers and developers focused on smart seats, pacifiers – thermometer, socks or bracelets reveals a beat, but nobody had yet come forward for breastfeeding. One step away from resignation (at least for confident and attentive mothers to the novelties of the digital age that facilitate at least a little the home routine), after some attempts at breast pumps with some smart matching accessories, the first revolutionary product arrived at CES 2017: Willow, a truly hi-tech device that can significantly help women in one of the most delicate and wonderful moments of their lives.

The Willow breast pump will soon be available in the company's online shop starting from this link. The price of the product is not yet available. Those interested can ask to receive an email as soon as the product is available.