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When does Apple iPhone 6 come out? Here is the official date


iPhone 6 arrives in September: Apple blocks employee holidays from 15 to 28 September for the launch of new products

As it happens every year, Apple has decided to block the holidays to its employees who work in the Apple Store from 15 to 28 September. So this will be the period in which the iPhone 6 will start marketing!


Were you looking forward to knowing the release date of Apple's iPhone 6? Here you are satisfied.

iPhone 6 arrives in the second half of September, the confirmation comes directly from Apple. In fact, the company has decided to block employee holidays from 15 to 28 September in view of the launch of new products. And of course it is iPhone 6, which may be accompanied by other types of products such as iPad or MacBook or more.

As mentioned, therefore, also this year Apple has chosen to block the requests for holidays for its employees (Germans in this specific case) in September, from 15 to 28, in view of the launch of a new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and other products. Although the news concerns the German market, in all likelihood these restrictions will be applied to all points of sale in the world, including Italy. Recall that in fact already last year Apple had followed a strategy of this type for the launch of iPhone 5s iPhone 5c and iOS 7.

We all expected a launch of theiPhone 6 between August and September, but now we have been satisfied. iPhone 6 will probably be presented in early September to arrive in stores in a very short time from the second half of the same month.In Italy the iPhone 6 should arrive at a later time, often a month later or a little later. We will keep you posted!

Recall that all of us we expect from Apple at least two iPhone models for this 2014: an iPhone 6 from 4.7 and another version from 5.5, presumably arriving later this year or early 2015 due to production-related problems. Among the new technical features and the new hardware, in addition to a new larger and more resistant display, the next generation iPhone will have a reduced thickness, an A8 processor and an enhanced rear camera. The design will be very similar to the iPod Touch and iPad Air.

Of course, during this event Apple could also present other products to add to its lineup (see the long-awaited iWatch), but we will have to wait to have news in this regard.

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