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We enter the house of Tim Cook, the Apple CEO reveals his life with HomeKit

When you are at the helm of a company, there is nothing better than putting yourself in the consumer's shoes to get to know and understand his needs at three hundred and sixty degrees and consequently build the best possible product. It is therefore not surprising to discover that even Tim Cook among iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, an avid user of HomeKit products, especially after the launch of the Home application with iOS 10 (here is our guide-review).

In discussing the record results of the last quarter, the CEO of Apple has in fact let out some comments relating to his days with HomeKit, habits that AppleInsider has resumed assuming which products could be behind the Cook house door.

Tim Cook's house

The twenty-four hours of the Apple CEO begin with a good morning to Siri which, thanks to the integration of the system with smart HomeKit devices, automatically translates into turning on the lights and starting the coffee maker. For the former, it could rely on Philips Hue bulbs, while as far as coffee is concerned, to date there are no HomeKit coffee makers: therefore, it is more likely that Cook will use a classic one with automatic start when switched on, a process that could be managed with any Smart switch such as example Eve Light Switch.

After breakfast, time to go to the office, and to Tim Cook's home. Just a simple touch on the iPhone to turn off the lights, turn the heaters down and lock the doors. Trying to translate this statement into a concrete solution, Apple's CEO most likely created a scene in the iOS 10 Home app which, in one fell swoop, adjusts the different HomeKit accessories according to previously configured parameters.

If for lighting we already know which lamps it could control, as regards the regulation of the heaters, a Smart thermostat like that of Netatmo or Honeywell Lyric T6R is needed. There are also several HomeKit solutions for locks: among the many that could be installed in Tim Cook's house we mention the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt lock, or August Smart Lock or Arrayin versions dedicated to USA locks.

Tim Cook's house

There is also some technology for the return at the end of the day. The moment I approach Cook explained The house is getting ready to welcome me using a simple geofence. Making some assumptions, even in this case he may have simply programmed a scene that is activated through the GPS location of his iPhone: entering a pre-configured range of action, through the iOS 10 Home app he may have created a scene that automatically unlocks the doors , turn on the lights and turn the heaters back on.

Listening to Cook's statements, home automation then embraces the living room, starting with the lighting of the fireplace via Siri. As with coffee makers, there are currently no HomeKit fireplaces, but it may have simply connected one of the many electric models to a connected smart switch.

There is still a long way to go to automate even the smallest detail of home life, but Until a few years ago nobody imagined this level of home automation concluded Cook Ed today here thanks to iOS and HomeKit.

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Tim Cook's house