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Virtual Guitarist: a VST guitarist on your computer

Virtual Guitarist: a VST guitarist on your computer – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A guitarist inside your computer? It would seem easy with Steinberg and Wizoo's Virtual Guitarist. The software allows you to emulate an electric and acoustic rhythmic guitar capable of playing all the chords, even the most difficult, in all the keys: all the guitar tracks can be controlled in real time using MIDI (keyboard or modulation wheel) and modified. It is possible to alter the sound, change the tonality. It is possible to range in a wide range of sounds, styles and playing techniques as if playing was a true professional: fingerpicking on a 12 string, strong picking on an acoustic with steel strings, distorted sounds or riffs… 20 different “performers” are available with variable performance characteristics: shuffle (groove), dynamics, timing (tight, loose) , syncopated rhythms, chords and pure effects such as stereo amplitude, track doubling, low pass filter, presence, pickup selector. It is compatible with Cubase SX and VST, Nuendo and all applications that can use VST tools. A 1.2 MB MP3 demo is available on the Steinberg website that will make you appreciate the quality of the results.

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