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US internet control for Americans: a security issue

US internet control for Americans: a security issue – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, a proposal by the US Department of Defense to remove non-US workers from security-related work positions is currently under discussion. New restrictions for non-US citizens working on US territory in various capacities ( about a third of federal employees, from NASA to the various departments: energy, agriculture, defense, etc.), but let's focus on the IT sector, those who write software, those who perform maintenance of email systems and those with similar tasks would be involved Someone judges this xenophobic proposal for one of the most multiracial countries on the planet, others define it at least protectionist.It is also noted that canceling these jobs covered by qualified Indian, Japanese, Australian or maybe even Italian staff would create an almost unbridgeable breach for the albeit vast tank of US workers who should cover these positions, without considering a possible and unpleasant increase in operating costs. The contractors that offer workers to companies deny that it is a problem to have to comply with any new dictates that go in this direction. A professor at the University of Berkeley, Annalee Saxenian, calculates in a variable percentage between 10 and 40% the number of non-US employees at Silicon Valley companies.A security expert, Ed Yourdon, finds that most of the companies' insiders and not the pimply teenagers of Moscow are threatening the computer systems .

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