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Toki Tori: Nintendo-style puzzle game for iPhone / touch

Toki Tori: Nintendo-style puzzle game for iPhone / touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Toki Tori an original puzzle game in which the player controls a cute and irreverent chick: every single step, special skills as well as the use of objects must always be used with intelligence and creativity to be able to overcome numerous obstacles, reach the imprisoned eggs and thus proceed to the next level. The obsessive care for the graphics and above all for the playability have roots in the world of Nintendo consoles, qualities that we also find in the version for iPhone and touch.

For those who love the puzzle genre Toki Tori offers a remarkable longevity thanks to 80 screens that put a strain on the player's minds. Even those who do not particularly like this genre, however, are fascinated first of all by the presentation and graphics of the game and then also by the fun charge it inspires. The chick as well as all the other characters and objects are not only made with meticulous care but also endowed with personality and depth. The attention of the developers is also evident in the design and planning of the numerous game levels. Toki Tori has already been around on the App Store for some time: at the full price of 3.99 euros it has climbed the ranking of the most downloaded paid applications. Now it is possible to buy it for just 79 cents making it an obligatory purchase for puzzle game lovers and a highly recommended title, given the low cost, even for players who do not particularly like the genre. It is very likely that thanks to the qualities of the title and the sympathy of the chick we should review our opinion on puzzle games.

Instead of reporting the screenshots of the game, we link below three fun YouTube videos made by Chillingo-Two Tribes. In the first a pedantic chick master tries to teach the fundamentals of the game to a class of bored young chicks, in the second the Toki Tori trailer made in pure cartoon style, finally a last movie that illustrates the real game scheme.

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