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Tim, only white iPhone 3GS available online

Tim, only white iPhone 3GS available online – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The strong demand for the iPhone is also felt online. Not only, as mentioned in recent days, the Apple store has brought the shipping times of the 3GS model from 2/4 days to 7 days, but now Tim (sponsor) is also in difficulty.

Scrolling through the mobile arm website, you learn that two models (out of 4) of the iPhone 3GS are not available for purchase. These are the 16 GB black iPhone 3GS and the 32 GB black model. Although the 32 GB white and 16 GB white models remain available (as well as the 8 GB iPhone), the event is remarkable because until last week all iPhones were regularly purchased on the Tim store.

Also interesting is the fact that Tim continues to sell the old 16 GB 3G model both in white and black. Price, the one it has always been sold for: 569 euros.

However, Vodafone does not seem to have problems, at least online where all the phones are available, but some of our readers report instead of some supply problems for the points of sale in the area; especially in the big cities some models are difficult to find even with the improbable "excuse" (but known since last year when it was used with frequency): "we finished the models in rechargeable, only those in subscription remain", this when completely evident that there is no technical difference between the rechargeable model and the subscription model.

As for Tim we have already said in recent days of the lack of some models in the stores, models that are the same that are not available online.

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