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The PC market is growing

The PC market is growing – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The PC market during 2002 could grow more than expected. An optimistic report in this direction was issued in recent days by IDC which estimates the increase compared to last year to + 3%. Previously, after the disastrous 2001, most analysts had placed below 2% l increase in PC sales worldwide during 2002. If, therefore, IDC's forecasts were to be respected, it would be good news confirming that the recovery is robust. The segment would be driven by the USA where the recovery appears already in progress. Europe would show improvements but not so evident also because the drop in sales was not as dramatic as in the United States. Asia should also show positive results while Japan should still be a discordant note. During the first half of the year in the country of the Rising Sun the market will still be in decline by about 10%. Despite the overall positivity of IDC's forecasts, it should be noted that even if 2002 were to mark a 3% increase compared to 2001 the total number of machines would remain lower than in 2000. In what remains the most successful year in the IT sector, more than 128 million computers were sold; during 2002, if things go as planned, they will only reach 125.5 million. To have a new explosion and a growth rate from the late 1900s, wait until 2003 when the number of computers sold, again according to IDC, should reach almost 140 million with growth close to 13% compared to 2002.

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