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The iPad Pro 2020 reviews praise the cursor, for real news you have to wait

marzo 25, 2020

A few days after the launch and in view of the first units delivered to users who have already ordered it, the first iPad Pro 2020 reviews circulate on the net. In general, the new professional tablet of Cupertino, which was positively welcomed by the US websites and also by the specialized and non-specialized press, also emerges for some dark areas.

These are not real defects, but rather fundamental details that could make some users interested in this type of tablet lean towards paying attention to previous models, or simply to extend the useful life of an iPad Pro 2018 for those who own it already one.

These factors undoubtedly include processor speed. As the network benchmarks have already emerged, the Apple A12Z processor offers almost identical computing power to the present Apple A12X of the iPad Pro 2018. The GPU compartment for graphics is slightly faster. In tests both iPad Pro 2018 and the new iPad Pro 2020 are faster even than the new MacBook Air 2020 in basic and medium configuration, so we are talking about super fast and versatile tablets. It should also be kept in mind that some benchmark software probably require an update in order to better detect and measure the performance of the new processor.

ipad pro 2020 reviews

In addition to the performance, what practically all the reviews appreciate is the possibility, finally, of being able to manage the cursor also on iPad, with the advanced support for mouse and trackpad coming also for the other iPads with iPadOS 13.4. The solution developed by Apple with the cursor changing shape based on the element on which it is scrolling, judged positively, even if there is some refinement to be introduced in the management of the Dock and above all of the active corners.

The new camera sector is also appreciated, very similar to what we know about the iPhone 11, although not all users of a professional tablet need such high quality photos and videos. The main novelty of the LiDAR sensor welcomed as a revolution in the tablet sector that will bring enormous benefits in augmented reality apps.

In practice, the LiDAR sensor immediately brings improvements for all the apps that use ARKit for positioning, capturing movements, occlusion of people and objects. The Apple Metro augmented reality app is also more powerful and precise. But for the moment there are no apps that can take full advantage of the new sensor, so to have a complete and realistic judgment you have to wait to see how not only Apple, but also and above all third-party developers will exploit this component and the functions that makes it possible . Cupertino shows what can be done in a video.

iPad Pro 2020 available for order on Amazon: arriving Wednesday March 25th

The same goes for Apple Magic Keyboard, that is the first cover with backlit keyboard and also trackpad for iPad. This accessory promises to significantly improve productivity on the iPad Pro 2020 (but also for the previous iPad Pro 2018 models) but in order to try it you have to wait for the month of May, when it will be available for purchase. very likely that the delay in launching Magic Keyboard compared to the availability of iPad Pro 2020 is due to the coronavirus problem.

For most reviews iPad Pro 2020 represents a small upgrade of the previous models, recommended, also by, for users who need superior performance for photos, videos and augmented reality. Those who do not take advantage of these functions can safely continue to use iPad Pro 2018: support for cursor, mouse and trackpad and also Magic Keyboard are also coming for these models.

In addition to this Apple Store online page, the new iPad Pro 2020 can also be ordered on Amazon.

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