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The Internet becomes slower: Europe and the United States have congested networks

Web traffic is increasing significantly with the blockages imposed by the countries infected by the coronavirus epidemic and the Speedtest data show declines in performance

Broadband speed is decreasing in many European countries and North America. And the internet becomes slower Speed ​​test data, congestion of networks with the boom in connections was particularly visible last week, with an unprecedented slowdown in many countries due to the coronavirus epidemic.

in United States, the average fixed broadband download speed decreased from around 140 to 133 Mbps in the week of March 16, compared to the week of March 9. During the same period, the download speed of the mobile broadband increased from about 75 to 72 Mbps.

The Canada suffered a similar slowdown in the same period, from around 129 to 121 Mbps, while Mexico's broadband speed remained unchanged.

broadband performance March 2020 coronavirus

Internet becomes slower, the situation in Italy

Many European countries have also experienced a similar slowdown. For example, the average fixed broadband download speed increased from around 103 to 93 Mbps in Germany and from 130 to 126 Mbps in ItalyMobile broadband performance has been affected similarly in most European countries, with the only exception of the Netherlands where it has significantly increased.

broadband performance March 2020 coronavirus Asia

Asian countries are following a different pattern. In China, where the coronavirus epidemic started much earlier and has already peaked, broadband performance declined in mid-January but has steadily improved since then.

The reduction of broadband performance is a serious problem at a time when many countries around the world are totally or partially blocked due to the epidemic. The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Thierry Breton he recently cautioned that as people move less and less from home, streaming services are causing further stress to broadband networks.

the internet becomes slower

Telephone operators, in Italy and Europe, ensure that everything under control and the Internet and the network will bear the load. But the risk of congestion damaging all activities does not have to be so remote. So much so that even the European Commission intervened in this regard by requesting streaming services, like Netflix and YouTube, to limit the quality of the videos. The goal is to save the network for the most critical activities, such as smart working, online lessons, information.