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The first USB hub specific for audio.

The first audio-specific USB hub. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The novelty of Griffin Technology is a 4-port USB-audio hub, that is specifically designed with an eye to the audio on USB (with powered and non-powered sockets, on the hub there is a 12 volt power supply). sale with two years of warranty on the Griffin website, the same one that continues to sell one of the first examples of USB audio converters, the iMic that we have often mentioned to you from this site, since its first appearances. Griffin is distributed in Italy by Turnover.

We also point out the ClearChoice kit, a double audio adapter (stereo mini-jack – double RCA female and a stereo mini-jack – double RCA male) from $ 15 which declared to be compatible with the iPod, but frankly any other similar audio converter is you can buy in the shop below our house with a lower cost and a good audio result by connecting the output of the iPod to other audio equipment.

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