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Sygic Europe maps are back, the problems remain

Sygic's GPS application with Europe maps is available again, but the problems, as two of our readers tell us and as you can read in the comments at the bottom of the application on the App Store, the problems remain.

Trying to download Sygic (download 1.81 GB of data at a cost of 79.99 euros) in fact you always get the nefarious error 8003 that had forced the developer to withdraw the maps from the store. At the moment it is not clear if the problem only arises with those who have already bought the previous version or if it is generalized and also those who buy European maps now find themselves having to deal with the inability to download. Sygic does not say anything about it on its website, merely making it known that the maps are available again.

The reason why, after a week or more of stop, the maps are available again and the bug is always mysterious. The most probable hypothesis that the bug (which Sygic attributed to Apple's distribution system) has not yet been identified and that the maps have returned online simply because Sygic has made available to Apple a new version (which includes speed cameras and traffic lights , more precise vocal instructions, a system that does not completely interrupt the background music when the guide voice starts, low battery signal and better information on GPS signal). In short, the semi-automatic approval process of the new version has inadvertently exceeded that of searching for the bug so that the remaining bug and the application appeared.

But beyond our assumptions, one thing is certain: if the story is not resolved quickly, the adventure of the iPhone navigator could be disastrously shipwrecked since no one, at least here in the Old Continent, will venture more to spend the modest amount of 79.99 euros for a product that is unknown when and how it can be used.

Sygic also added US maps, previously unavailable. The cost of 62.99 euros.

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Thanks to Saverio Radaelli and Massimo Marabese for the report.