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Super-powerful graphics processor in the new iPhone 3GS?

Inside the iPhone there is a component for graphics acceleration that is more powerful than previously thought. Here are the conclusions that are not entirely definitive, but still rather solid, which Macrumors reaches in an article based on the signaling of one of its users.

According to what the site has learned, in fact, within the operating system of the new mobile phone model there is an extension called "" IMGSGX535GLDriver "; the name clearly refers to a PowerVR chip called SGX535 released a few weeks ago and characterized by very high performance, much higher than that possible to the previous model (PowerVR MBX-Lite) but also much more solid than the SGX520, hypothesized by several sites, which of the SGX530 which according to some sources would have been chosen by Apple to accelerate 3D in the mobile device.

If Macrumors were right, the iPhone 3GS could have two to four times the graphic performance of the most modern smartphones on the market. By way of comparison, just know that the SGX520 provides up to 7 million polygons per second, the 535 reaches 28 million per second. The SGX535 capable of decoding H.264, MPEG 4 video and JPEG format by accelerating it and manages 720p video in real time. The processor intended, at least on paper, for devices of a different range than the one in which iPhone is placed: laptops, Mids, Umps and automotive products.

The agreement between Apple and Imagination which produces long-standing PowerVRs. Cupertino has also invested large amounts of money in British society, but traditionally it does not reveal who its suppliers are. In the specific case not mentioned, as mentioned, that the presence of a driver represents a certainty as regards the presence in the iPhone of the corresponding processor (Apple could for example be interested in using it in a future iPhone or an iPod touch), but certainly a clue to keep in mind.