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Special effects and transitions for iMovie from Virtix

38 special effects and transitions for iMovie: this is what Virtix (a company from Salem, New Hampshire) makes available using the technology developed by Apple to enhance its entry level video editing software.

Virtix Bravo and Virtix Echo are two separate software packages that use Apple's new iMovie Plug-in Software Development Kit.

Virtix Bravo contains 20 quality special effects for iMovie: Blur Edges, Edge Detector, Emboss, Extreme Color, Funhouse, Heat, Laser, Lightning, Median, One Color, Pixel Fixer, Rain, Smoke, Sparkle, Sparkle By Color, Spins , Stained Glass, Topograph, Tunnel, and Zoom.

Virtix Echo contains 18 professional transitions: Burn Through, Clock Wipe, Crystal Fade, Dream, Flying Blocks, Fog, Materialize, Materialize Flicker, Page Peel, Pan, Shrinking Tiles, Smoke, Sparkle, Sparkle Aperture, Swirl, Vertical Bars, and Wipe .

In the Mac OS X version, Virtix presents a new user interface that had never been made available to users: now it is possible to position laser beams, lightning, zoom in on a specific portion of the image, remedy the breaking of a pixel on the CCD of a video camera, curving and distorting images by selecting a portion on the preview window. Mac OS 9 users will use the standard interface.

The two packages are available immediately through download via the Internet for 25 US Dollars if purchased separately or for 40 Dollars if purchased together. They are compatible with iMovie 2.0.3 for Mac OS 9, iMovie 2.1 for OS X and iMovie 2.1.1 for OS X.

To find out more, click on this link.

On the site it is possible to view the transitions and effects through demo movies and a free effects package is available which includes a high contrast black and white filter, a letter box filter to transform your movies into 16: 9 and a filter to add focus to your footage.