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Small screens grow

Small screens grow – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The growing trend in the size of laptop screens, inaugurated with great fanfare more than a year ago with the launch of the Titanium, is confirmed on the PC front. To launch a new laptop with display, we would say, panoramic, Sony.The Japanese company has today announced in the Vaio series a new laptop with a 16.1-inch screen, one more than Titanium. The available screen space looks really huge, the same that they guaranteed and that continue to guarantee most of the 17-inch CRT displays in the desktops.The Vaio GRX, sold in three models 550, 570 and 590, of which only the last two have a 16.1-inch screen, has 1.6 and 1.7 GHz Pentium 4-M processors, 512 MB of Ram, combined burner with DVD and HD player up to 40 GB. Prices range from $ 2,099 for the version with 15 screen and 30 GB disk and processor from 1.6 up to $ 2,999 for the top version with 16.1 screen and 40 GB disk in addition to a series of other accessories. del Vaio GRX the only company to offer a laptop with a screen larger than 15.1 inches was Gateway which on the US market had marketed the Solo 9550 with a 15.7-inch screen.

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