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Size comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S

marzo 25, 2020


How big iPhone 6? Here is a photo that compares it with iPhone 5S

Just a few hours ago we haveor seen together the first photos of the iPhone 6 body, the new Apple smartphone arriving in September | Apple iPhone 6: this is how it really will be!

Thanks to the first renderings leaked on the net regarding iPhone 6, some companies have already started to print iPhone 6 physical mockups, ie of the non-original iPhone 6 reproductions that reflect their dimensions and features. It is basically empty iPhone 6, inside which obviously there is no hardware. I'm empty metal boxes, which faithfully follow the design and dimensions of the iPhone 6.

Thanks to these objects we now have the possibility of compare the dimensions between the current iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 6. If you liked the iPhone because, with its 4-inch display, it was much smaller than many Android devices, now you will have to think again, because the new iPhone 6 will not be as small as you hoped for.

As you can easily see from the image, the new iPhone 6 that Apple will shortly present will be much bigger than the current iPhone 5S: it will be thinner, but at the same time it will be taller and wider. You can forget your small, light and compact smartphone, because the new iPhone 6 will have a display of at least 4.7 inches and it will be much bigger thaniPhone 5S, so as to seem a sort of HTC One M8. The dimensions will still be small and compact, but surely the leap compared to the old model will feel in your hand and in your pocket.

Apple, therefore, once again all it can do is adapt to the competition, creating a smartphone aesthetically identical to the iPad Air and with dimensions comparable to the top of the Android range. There shouldn't be any big surprises even from the hardware point of view: you will have the fingerprint reader, while for the rest will have the same hardware as the iPhone 5S, simply upgraded (faster processor, better camera and with a more resolute sensor, more RAM memory and so on).

This iPhone 6 now has no more secrets for us. Only the official presentation is missing, but now we know it well enough!

What do you think of this iPhone 6? You like it?

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