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Sibelius 2: music notation software for Mac OS X

Sibelius 2: music notation software for Mac OS X – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sibelius Group today announced the release of its Sibelius 2 application, the leader in the music notation sector on Mac. The software is the first notation program to be compatible with Mac OS X, and this new version integrates more than 200 new options in addition to the improvement of the general interface, making it the most significant upgrade since its release. Among its incredible new possibilities, it should be emphasized that of "Arrange", which allows you to arrange and orchestrate music automatically through the use of artificial intelligence. This ability drastically reduces the time of creation of complex arrangements for each type of performer. For example, it allows you to quickly orchestrate a piano piece for a concert band, saving hours and hours of time for the composer, arranger or teacher, and offers students an effective method of learning orchestral composition. interface, which thanks to the high-level graphics of Mac OS X allows a faster management and coloring of scores. Sibelius Group has also announced the availability of PhotoScore Professional 2 for Mac OS X, an improved version of the program that allows you to import paper scores through a scanner directly in Sibelius 2.PhotoScore Professional 2 the advanced version of PhotoScore Lite, which is included in Sibelius for free.

The English and Italian version of Sibelius 2 for Mac is expected to be released by the end of March.

For information on the cost of the application, you can contact Sibelius Group through their website or via the email address (Email protected)

(By Daniele Volpin)

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