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Seanet + Ship: when iPhone displays an unusual operator

With the summer and the travels for the holidays, many iPhone users report a problem encountered after facing a trip by ship or on ferries to the islands. Once out of coverage of land cells, iPhone automatically connects to the cellular service offered by the ship, so on the iPhone screen the name at the top left of our traditional operator is replaced with the temporary one of the ship. In the case of Moby ferries, the name of the Seanet + Ship service. During the voyage at sea, telephone calls and data traffic are charged with the roaming costs provided by the service, notoriously not exactly contained. So far enough to pay attention to the coverage available and maybe postpone calls when iPhone returns to connect to the network of our operator.

The main problem for another reported by readers and concerns the return of the iPhone on the traditional network: numerous posts on the forum complain that once landed iPhone continues to display the temporary operator available on the ship, for those who have sailed with Moby then appears the writing Seanet + Ship both in the holiday resort and when returning home. The first concern concerns the costs of the service: when on the iPhone screen we still read the immediate maritime temporary operator, we think that we are still roaming and subject to the high expected costs of the service. In this regard, we can offer readers reassurance: according to what several users report who have carefully checked the cost of messages, calls and in general network services, despite the incorrect operator name displayed on the smartphone screen, the costs applied to traffic are those provided by Vodafone, Tim or by our mobile operator and no longer those of roaming available on the ship.

Having ascertained this fundamental point, most people find it unpleasant to permanently display the wrong operator name on their iPhone. The problem has been solved by users in a different way and with not always positive results. In some cases, simply remove your SIM from the slot, wait a few seconds and then re-insert it. In other cases, the original operator's name has been restored by removing the SIM, and then turning the smartphone off and on again without the phone card. These techniques have not always allowed all users who have encountered this problem to solve the problem. The most popular solution, always according to the experiences of users reported in the Macitynet forum, is to remove your SIM and insert the SIM of a different operator into your smartphone. iPhone recognizes the new operator on the fly, after which simply re-insert our SIM to return to normal. In any case, a limited number of users complain that these techniques and also other expedients have served no purpose. In particular, manual intervention in the iPhone operator settings does not seem to have an effect, when you try to force the connection to the operator from the Settings menu, Manager and by applying a check mark on the desired one. In conclusion, we cannot provide a single and valid system for everyone to solve the operator's display problem when our iPhone appears to be permanently blocked on Seanet + Ship or another special roaming service.

We invite all Macitynet readers who have had direct experience of the problem to report their experiences on the forum, perhaps accompanied by the technique used to solve the problem: the information will be useful for the community of enthusiasts who are about to face a trip away sea.

We thank Marco Bonaccini and the other readers who reported the problem directly and through the Forum.