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Save Google Maps Offline Maps on iPhone, iPod and iPad: here is the …


How to save Google Maps in Offline mode on iPhone, iPod and iPad

How to save offline maps on Google Maps

With version 3.0 of Google Maps for iPhone, iPod and iPad you can save maps offline to consult even without internet connection. This is a very convenient function to be exploited when we are traveling and we do not want to risk being left without directions because there is no internet connection, but also and above all if we have to travel abroad. Let's find out how to save maps on Google Maps.

With the latest update released in the past few weeks, the Google Maps application for iPhone, iPod and iPad finally able to save maps offline,which means that finally we can download Google maps on iPhone, iPod and iPad to use them offline and without internet connection. Surely this is a really useful function both in our country and for when we go abroad: in this way, in fact, we can consult Google maps without internet connection, without consuming data traffic and without having to spend high amounts when we are abroad for bearings. Too bad that, without internet connection, search and navigation do not work, two very useful functions.

As we said, thereConsultation of the offline map does not require the use of the internet connectionwhich is very convenient. But how do you go about saving Google Maps offline to iPhone, iPod and iPad? The procedure to follow really simple and, if you don't know how to do it, don't worry, we explain it to you in a precise and detailed way in this article.

How to download an offline map in Google Maps on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Obviously you must first download the Google Maps program on your Apple device. It's free on the App Store.

Now follow these simple steps:

1. Log in with your Google Account in the Maps application. To do this, simply click on the icon of the 3 dashes at the bottom left, enter Settings and log in.

2. From the main application page, click the little man icon located on the right of the search box. You will then enter the Profile screen.

3. Scroll down the profile screen until you find the Offline Maps section. At this point select Save Map to use it offline.

4. A new Map screen will load, which you can adjust by zooming and moving around the screen. Take care that only the portion framed on the screen will be downloaded offline, so pay close attention to the selection of the air that interests you.

5. Click the Save button and name the map you want to save. Afterwards the download will start and your map will remain usable for 30 days.

Very well, you have finally saved and downloaded your offline map on iPhone, iPad and iPod. But now that you have downloaded the map, how do you go about using it offline? How can you use the Google Maps map offline? Even simpler. Let's see it together.

To use Google Maps offline on iPhone, iPod and iPad, need:

1. Click on the Profile icon, and scroll down the page

2. Select the name of the offline map that we want to use and which will appear in a list

3. We will also be able to view all the saved maps (if there were many) and manage them through the View all and manage label. From this screen we will also be able to view the expiration date of the various maps (which can last a maximum of 30 days, after which they must be downloaded again) and the amount of memory space they require

Recall, for the record, that offline maps offer us the possibility to see the roads, zooming and moving on the screen but they do not allow us to search for roads, places or start turn-by-turn navigation using the application as a real navigator. All this available only with internet connection active unfortunately.

Well, I'd say everything. I remember that Google Maps has also recently updated on Android, introducing various news: Download Google Maps 8.0 APK for Android smartphones and tablets

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