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Samsung Galaxy S20: tips, tricks and tips to make the best use of it

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 series was unveiled during the Samsung Unpacked event in mid-February and is now on sale in many countries. In case you are among the lucky new owners of the new Samsung device or intend to buy it, here you can find a series of tips and advice to learn everything you need to know to make the most of the new Samsung device. If you are interested in the new Galaxy S20 we recommend you read our reviews:

Samsung Galaxy S20: hidden functions, hints, tips and tricks to use it to the top

always useful to get to know your smartphone thoroughly to be able to use its full potential, but above all good to know the extent to which it can be customized and if there are hidden functions. Many think that the smartphone customization it's only about apps, wallpaper or ringtones, actually there is much more. Especially the new one Samsung Galaxy S20 series offers a number of little-known features: from battery life to document scanning, from 8K video recording to the customization of the side button. This guide will give you very practical advice to find out how to customize yours Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20 tips

Display: how to activate the refresh rate at 120Hz

Each model of Galaxy S20 comes with an option that allows you to set the refresh rate at 120Hz for the screen. However this option is not already activated by default. To enable it go to: Settings> Display and select the option called High update frequency (120 Hz).

For the high refresh rate to work, the screen must be set to FHD + resolution (2400 x 1080). Alternatively, instead of a 120Hz refresh rate, you can lower the refresh rate and choose for a higher screen resolution. In this case you can select the option WQHD + (3200 x 1440), but you will have to decrease the refresh rate: it is not possible to set a frequency of 120Hz and a resolution of the WQHD + display.

Galaxy S20

Longer battery life

Having the screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz can greatly reduce battery life. The Galaxy S20 gives users the choice: you can opt for one battery life longer or for a sharper screen. Each S20 model has a fairly large battery (4000 mAh for the S20, 4500 mAh for the S20 + and 5000 mAh for the Ultra), but to benefit from all the power you need, do not use the 120Hz screen. If you leave the resolution on FHD + is the frequency at 60Hz you will get maximum benefit from your phone battery.

And let's be honest, a nice 120Hz screen but if you don't need it you can do without using it. On the other hand, one longer battery life always a welcome feature, so Samsung allows you to choose according to your needs. You can always switch between the different options, therefore, the best suggestion could be: if you know that you have a long day ahead without having the possibility to charge the phone, choose 60Hz on FHD +. This way you have extended immediately battery life by about 20%.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Navigation bar or gestures?

Another setting that Samsung allows you to customize resides in the ability to choose how interact with the interface user. Enter the Settings app> Display> Navigation bar.

The device allows you to decide whether to use one navigation bar standard or gestures full screen. By default, the Galaxy S20 has the standard navigation bar enabled, with the usual software buttons present: Recent, Home and Back. Moving on to the option full screen gestures, the Recent, Home and Back buttons will no longer be present and these functions will be activated in this way:

  • Home: swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Recent: swipe up from the bottom edge and keep your finger on the screen.
  • Back: Swipe from the side to the center of the screen.

Remember that for gesture navigation you may need a few days before completely adapting to their use, but the advantage in the use of gestures that without the navigation bar there is more space on the screen.

Show multiple apps on the home screen

There are more screen options that you can find in the new Samsung. For example, did you know that you can customize the number of apps you can see on each main screen? Always going to Settings> Display you can choose the type of display that best suits you. Also, under the option Home screen layout, you can choose to display all your apps on the home screen and completely delete the app drawer.

Show battery percentage in status bar

Like all Samsung phones, the Galaxy S20 series does not display the exact battery percentage in the status bar by default. We don't know why this is so. But we know how to enable it. In Settings> Notifications> Status bar and activate the Show battery percentage option.

Register multiple fingerprints

The Galaxy S20 series equipped with one in-display fingerprint scanner and when you set up your device for the first time you will be able to enroll your fingerprint as a method to unlock your device. But remember: you can register up to four different footprints and this can be extremely convenient. Now, the way you proceed with fingerprint enrollment is up to you, but here are some tips you might consider.

You can register a fingerprint multiple times to maximize the chances that the fingerprint is quickly recognized by the sensor. Or you can record your right thumb twice and use the other two free slots for other fingers, such as the index finger. Alternatively, you can also add another person's fingerprint, for example your partner, if you deem it appropriate or useful. For add multiple fingerprints after the initial configuration, go to: Settings> Biometrics and Security> Fingerprints and tap Add fingerprint.

The same thing can also be done with the facial recognition function. If you use facial recognition to protect your phone, Samsung has designed an extra feature in Android 10: yes they can register multiple profiles. This means that you can register your alternative look to improve recognition (for example if you wear glasses) or, alternatively, you can add the your partner's face.or that of your children.

Enable maximum performance

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S20 series withmost powerful hardware available at the moment. However, by default, phones operate in an optimized mode to achieve a balance between performance and battery life. Sometimes, however, you may want to use the full power of the device with no regard for battery consumption.

In that case always on Settings> Device care> Battery> Energy saving mode and here you will notice that the Galaxy S20 set to Optimized by default. But if you are looking for more power, you can switch to High performance. You can evaluate the pros and cons of high performance mode based on your needs, but remember that the l function if you ever need it.

Galaxy S20 tips

Camera: scene optimization

The Galaxy S20 camera has the function of Scene optimization enabled by default. Taking photos with this function activated can slow down shooting and not always a guarantee that optimization produces great results. With this premise, know that you can make the camera app faster by deactivating this function.

You can quickly deactivate or activate the Scene Optimization function by touching the blue icon you see above the shutter button in the viewfinder. can disable this function completely in the Camera Settings menu by tapping the "gear" icon located in the camera viewfinder.

Scan documents

The new Samsung have a feature of scan documents really advanced. The device's camera uses artificial intelligence to recognize a document as soon as the camera is pointed at it. Once recognized, a yellow frame will form all around the document, at this point you can choose to "scan" it instead of photographing it. The device automatically crop the entire background outside the document and "straightens" it automatically.

You have, however, to keep in mind one thing: if you have disabled the Optimization of the scene function, the scanner function. In a nutshell, ask yourself: Do you need to scan documents regularly? If yes, consider leaving the Scene Optimization feature active.

Enabling the intelligent selfie corner

In the camera settings, there is another function that activated by default, a new addition to the Galaxy S20 series and is called Smart selfie angle.

If enabled, this setting automatically switches between the two lens modes available for the selfie camera, namely: normal selfie and wide angle selfie. With Smart selfie angle active, you will notice that your Galaxy S20 automatically switches to the wide angle lens whenever it detects more than two people in the frame.

With the Galaxy S20, therefore, it is no longer necessary to manually select this mode in situations where you want to take a group selfie. To enable the Smart selfie corner, open the Camera app and touch the gear icon to open the camera settings, then activate Smart selfie angle.

8K video recording

The Galaxy S20 series may be unable to record videos with an 8K resolution mind-boggling, but like all other Galaxy smartphones, S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra are set to capture videos in Full HD resolution. So if you want to record 8K video, you will need to manually set that resolution in the camera settings.

To do this, open the Camera app settings and, in the Video section, tap Video size and select 16: 9 (8K), which is the option at the top of the list. All your videos will now be recorded with a resolution of 8K. However, you should keep in mind that 8K videos take up a lot of storage space and can even heat up the phone considerably, so you may want to continue record 4K video at 60 fps to achieve a good compromise between video quality and storage space required. To set your phone to record 4K video, simply select UHD (60 fps) 3840 2160 from the menu.


Side button customization

The side button (On / Off) on the Galaxy S20, in addition to the normal on and off function, it can be used to give different commands to the device.

To set a different function, go to: Settings> Advanced functions and tap the side button. Now you can choose what happens when you press the side button twice, such as the quick start of the camera or the start of any app of your choice when you run this command. Do you want to always have WhatsApp at hand? This is an easy way to do it.

Samsung Galaxy S20: final tips

Finally, here are some quick tips on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series to consider:

  • Install the first Galaxy S20 update, which is already available at the time of the first start. From Settings> Software Update and tap Download and Install.
  • If you have not changed the function of the side button as explained above, you can turn off the Galaxy S20 by tapping the virtual power button located in the quick activation / deactivation area (in the notification area) next to the Settings.
  • Dark Mode: many apps support this feature now and you can easily enable it from the quick on / off area. You can also set this option to activate after a certain time.
  • And last but not least: don't forget to check i tips and advice provided by Samsung on your device. Open Settings, scroll all the way down and tap Tips and User Manual.

Our list of tips and tricks for the Galaxy S20 series ends here. I hope you now have enough information to start personalizing your device and to improve your user experience. Let us know in the comments your favorite customization options for the Galaxy S20 series!