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Safari: on iOS and Mac the blocking of all third-party cookies is by default

Among the novelties arrived with the latest firmware updates released by Apple, both for iPhone and iPad and for Mac, there is also a very important one related to our privacy when we surf the web.

The latest version of Safari for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, in fact, is now capable of block all third-party cookies by default. It is the first "most popular" browser to make this choice, he said John Wilander of the WebKit team.

Blocking third-party cookies will surely make life "more difficult" for advertisers and for any attackers. In fact, sites are prevented from using fingerprints for access or tracking is avoided to monitor our behavior. In addition, this block should counter "cross-site request forgery" attacks, a vulnerability that dynamic websites are exposed to, and prevent the use of third-party domains to identify users.

The Safari update also limits the archiving of a website's scripts to one week and includes logs for sites that attempt to avoid detection by delaying redirects.

Apple, however, will not be alone in this regard. Google also intends to take similar measures on Chrome by 2022. The WebKit team also plans to report the results of this change to World Wide Web Consortium to assist other web browser developers.