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Roadee, the iPhone open browser arrives

Thanks to the collaborative spirit of the network, it is always possible to find free (or almost) alternatives to the more expensive commercial services made available by new online technologies. For example, if we want an alternative (much cheaper) to the classic Tom Tom or Navigon, Roadee is available on the iPhone.

It is an "open" GPS navigation program based on the community, a sort of "wikipedia" of the maps, organized, managed and developed by the users of the network. In fact, anyone can create an account on Openstreetmap and contribute to the growth of the project.

The iPhone application therefore proposes itself as an alternative to the most famous navigations that are increasingly showing their presence. Thanks to the indications calculated through the service, Roadee will try to compete with the opponents at a really attractive price (1.59 euros).

It is therefore possible to calculate itineraries using addresses, the contact book or points of interest. Perhaps the performance will not be impeccable as in the case of the more expensive navigators; but the price invites at least to the test.

For those wishing to attempt the open solution offered by Roadee, you can download the application directly using the appropriate link on the iTunes Store page.