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RDS Radio, application on the App Store

RDS 100% Grandi Successi makes its debut on iPhone with the RDS iPhone application, an optimized and interactive version of the portal, downloadable from the Apple Store and navigable via the Apple phone.

The RDS entertainment offer is thus enriched – reads a statement – through its mobile platform. The new application offers listening and interaction live and on the move with your favorite radio: many contents, many possibilities, many opportunities to experience music and fun in the company of RDS, at any time and in any place. Knowing the musical hits of the moment with the charts of the records, albums, singles most listened to and sold in the USA, UK, Italy; discover the news of the RDS playlist, comment and vote for your favorite songs; having fun with the craziest and most exciting podcasts of "Tutti pazzi per RDS" and "dottor professor Ferdinando Fotticchia", chatting with the hosts live, telling their emotions. In short, the whole world of RDS always at hand "

"Even the RDS iPhone application – comments Nicola Arcieri, NewMedia manager of the radio – is part of the path undertaken by RDS for years now, to follow its listeners more closely, interpret their signals of change, understand their needs and satisfy their needs. wishes; in a world where consumers increasingly have clear ideas on what to ask the Net and their mobile phone. The new generations now conceive the Web as the natural extension of their social experience. The Internet, in all its forms, conceived as an antenna thanks to which you can tune the radio of the near future, an increasingly leading radio, in a network that transports and connects everyone. " Radio, internet and mobile mix more and more, giving rise to extraordinary new forms of entertainment; and RDS increasingly in the foreground to testify and support this evolution. "

The free application is downloaded from here